Color patchcords



Color patchcords have been used in data centers for a long time to facilitate connection management. Thanks to them, the patch cabinet is no longer a tangle of gray and gloomy cables, and the physical finding of a connection between two points does not require manual cable tracking. Dividing networks into virtual lanes, connections between different networks are best in this case separated by different colors of cables. Thanks to the first look at the device, we can see to which network or element it is connected.

The power supply is similar. Double power supply is almost standard now. Usually it is done so that on one side of the rack there is a PDU powered from the path A, and on the other from B. But this is not always the case and it happens that the PDU’s are next to each other, which causes the power connections to get tangled and it is difficult to visually determine what it is connected where. In this case, the use of two-colored PDUs and two-colored cables for this greatly simplifies the matter.


So the first reason to use colored power cables is the ease of identifying redundant connections. Another reason is to facilitate communication between employees. It is easier to explain to connect the equipment to the red PDU than to the one on the right at the back if you look at front of the rack ... The temporary connection can also be made with the appropriate color, which will be clearly distinguishable in relation to the other used in the server room, so that everyone can see that this is not the target connection. Colors can also be divided into individual three-phase power supply phases, which will also increase the facility administrator's awareness of connecting loads to specific phases for their even distribution.

These aspects will certainly be appreciated in larger server rooms, where we have to deal with a very large amount of equipment, electrical connections, power lines and their combinations resulting from security.

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