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Data Center is polish based company with strong technical background in terms of commissioning and Data Center operation. We use our knowledge to support your Data Center testing projects and to help achieving significal improvments in energy efficiency by implementing Aisle containments and reducing by-pass airflow.

The ICT sector continues to develop and attract new customers, which drives further investments. The coming years promise opportunities for the DC area, but also challenges.

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To support data center commissioning projects, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the data center's critical infrastructure systems, including electrical, mechanical, and controls systems. It is also important to have experience in commissioning projects, knowledge of applicable standards and codes. This enable us to provide services of only the highest quality that can support your Data Center CxA projects.

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We add value by designing smart.

We believe that anyone, irrespective of the scale of their operations, can draw on the knowledge and know-how shared by key players such as FB, Microsoft and Google to improve efficiency, obtain cost savings and reduce to an absolute minimum the repair and standard maintenance times for all data center infrastructure.

Our experts

Our board includes experts and independent consultants with many years of experience in transforming the IT area towards reducing the costs of construction, equipment and maintenance of Data Center facilities. We promote and implement Open Compute solutions Project.


12 years of professional experience in managing and directing IT projects and processes for the largest companies and corporations.


Data center market expert with over 10 years of experience. Concentrated on pump technology and technology. Fastest execution and execution of the brand z DC market in Poland and Europe. At Data Center World for marketing and maintaining the relationship with the client.

Load banks and measurement equipment rental

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