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Data Center commissioning

Data center commissioning is the process of verifying and documenting that the critical infrastructure systems of a data center are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained in accordance with the owner's requirements and applicable standards. It is a complex and rigorous process that requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders, including the data center owner, the design and construction teams, and the commissioning agent.

The commissioning process typically includes several stages, such as planning, design review, equipment testing and verification, functional performance testing, and documentation. The commissioning agent is responsible for developing the commissioning plan, coordinating the commissioning activities, conducting the tests, and producing the commissioning report.

To support data center commissioning projects, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the data center's critical infrastructure systems, including electrical, mechanical, and controls systems. It is also important to have experience in commissioning projects, knowledge of applicable standards and codes, and the ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders effectively.

We gather our knowledge by working with experienced commissioning agents all over the Europe to gain practice and exposure to various commissioning projects. This is what makes us reliable commissioning partner for all Data Center projects.

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