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Welcome to the shop DataCenterWorld!

You will find here products, solutions, software, services and training to help you optimize and streamline your data center.

DataCenterWorld is the result of our work in promoting knowledge and good practices in the design, construction and maintenance of Data Center. The data center industry is steadily growing, and we want to make sure that the practices we use in designing, building and commissioning do not diverge from World Standards. Hence, in addition to our day-to-day service activities under the BCA Group brand, the idea is to create a place where administrators, designers and data center owners will find a wealth of unique solutions and products. We are going to constantly widen our store's assortment, and the current status is only a starting point.


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  • Oxycom
  • Modular DC Solutions
  • PermAlert
  • WASP
  • WWT
  • Hartmann tresore
  • Bater
  • Wappex
  • Konsmetal
  • Vodea
  • Enlogic
  • EDP Europe
  • Schneider
  • IDC Solutions
  • Polskie Kraty
  • APRA
  • IntrApp
  • 3M
  • DataCenterWorld
  • Bilhanding
  • Caterpillar
  • Geist