Waterdos FKN 28 - Anti-frost and anti-corrosion protection

  • Kod: 2018FKN28
  • Producent: WWT
  • Waga: 25 kg
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Antifreeze with corrosion inhibitors and hardness stabilizers, also for installations made of aluminum and copper, based on monoethylene glycol


Waterdos FKN 28 is a proven preparation protecting against freezing and corrosion of closed heating water circuits in accordance with VDI 2035, as well as cooling circuits, solar collectors and heat pumps. Waterdos FKN 28 contains components very well stabilizing hardness and dispersing (cleaning).

- an effective anti-corrosive agent for iron, cast iron, gray iron, copper, copper alloys and aluminum and solders by creating a protective layer on the metallic surface, also in installations made of mixed materials
- contains effective anodic and cathodic inhibitors
- very good buffer properties, acceptable pH in the range of 7.0-8.5
- by dispersing the corrosion and dirt particles, it keeps the surfaces of the heating devices clean
- stabilizes hardness (eliminates calcium deposition)
- does not contain hydrazine and nitrates; environmentally friendly
- checking the content of the preparation using a simple to use measuring set
- it is neutral to plastics and gaskets made of EPDM, NBR, PB, PP, PTFE, VPE and hemp; (fixed input for butyl rubber, polyacrylate and polycarbonate)

Technical data
Waterdos FKN 28 is a yellow liquid
Density: 1.12 ± 0.03 g / cm³ (20 ° C)
PH value: 8.6 ± 0.2
Freezing temperature: -15 ° C

The dosage depends on the quality of the water supplied and the required frost protection. The dosage is between 20 and 50% of the device capacity (see table). The dosing is carried out manually using the dosing sluice, manual pump or electric pump if possible before the circulation pump system. After filling and mixing (depending on the hydraulic system and the device up to 14 days) as well as at least once a year, check the content of antifreeze, pH, density and inhibitor in water with a mixture before freezing (see text for Waterdos CAN 11), if necessary, topping up the gaps. When supplying larger systems, please consult our engineers.

Frost protection table

Additional tips

Structural or technical conditions as well as fissure and erosional corrosion may be partially inevitable by the preparation contained in the preparation. Direct contact of copper with aluminum is not allowed. For reasons of chemical corrosion, the minimum concentration of concentrate must not exceed more than 20%. When changing the method from water / antifreeze to water, it should be noted that antifreeze has been completely rinsed off. Otherwise, there is a danger that the residues of organic acids will decompose, which will corrode as a result. Then an inhibitor from the Waterdos group should be used and the pH content and the inhibitor content should be checked for at least one year. If the pH is below 7, the Passivator NEU 04 should be flushed with the inhibitor (see instructions), and then refilled and calibrated.

Storage and service
Store in closed containers. Preferably at room temperature. Delivery in canisters, drums or containers. When working with Waterdos FKN 28, follow the instructions on the labels and the safety instructions on the safety data sheets.

The above data correspond to our knowledge and experience. They do not, however, constitute a legal basis for a specific application and due to the possibility of multiple effects, do not absolve the user from trials and precautions.

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