Fuel cleaning unit W-PFS-040-W-220VAC i 24VDC - 40l/min

  • Code: FPS-040-220VAC
  • Manufacturer: WASP
  • Weight: 70 kg
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40 litres per minute 220v AC or 24v DC powered, with cleaning fuel to 2 micron whilst removing both free and emulsified water as our preferred option
The units shown above are (left) an AC powered system on a polymer base and (right) custom variation a stainless steel base
Colour touch screen control  

Main Points 


  •     Advanced AC or DC system, providing full control system and monitoring
  •     Manual, Automatic (timer) and BMS control system
  •     Fuel conditioning stage for anti-bacterial action, eliminates the build-up of algae and water in your tanks
  •     Patented centrifugal removal process
  •     Recirculation or transfer action
  •     Service filter alarm
  •     Water in fuel alarm
  •     99.6 % free water removal
  •     99% emulsified water removal
  •     2 micron fuel cleaning
  •     Polymer or Stainless steel base

Technical specifications


Flow rate  up to 42 lit/min (2520 lit/hr)
Power  220v 50hz 1ph AC  or 24v DC
Current  5a Approx
Dimensions  1100mm (h) x 1000mm (w) x 400mm (d)
Ports  1" BSP
Pump Body  Brass
Gears  Bronze (PTFE optional)
Shaft  Stainless steel
Seal  Flouoroelastomer lip seal
Weight  65kg approx
Self priming AC - 3m  DC - 2m
Max lift AC - 80m (eighty meters)  DC - 3m

Please note, the dimensions above are for the standard "open" version, enclosure units have different dimensions, please ask for more details.

Part numbers

W-PFS-040-W-220vac - AC 220v Open unit, wall mounted
W-PFS-040-W-24vdc - DC 24v Open unit, wall mounted
W-PFS-040-W-220vac-ENC - As above, but built into a stainless steel IP54 enclosure with ventilation and leak detection
W-PFS-040-W-24vdc-ENC - As above, but built into a stainless steel IP54 enclosure with ventilation and leak
W-PFS-040-P-220vac - AC 220v Portable
W-PFS-040-P-24vdc - DC 24v Portable


We offer customisation options, for example to power the unti via 110v AC, touch-screen control and 4-20ma monitoring or even field bus communication for greater BMS inteigration. Please call us for more details.

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