Tank for fuel Fortis Box 200L

  • Code: FB200:00060
  • Weight: 400 kg
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Tank for the transport of diesel oil Fortis Box 200L.

Reliable tanks for the safe storage and dispensing of diesel oil are a perfect solution for transport companies and agricultural holdings. They save your time as you do not have to waste it on unnecessary breaks in production – you always have the fluids at your disposal whenever you need them. The modern Splash Wall system reduces fluid movement during transport, making transport easy and much safer.


Benefits for your company:

  • An opportunity to transport diesel oil quickly and safely
  • Time savings, no unnecessary downtime
  • Splash Wall – a system reducing fluid movement during transport
  • Makes it possible to supply diesel oil directly to where the machines work
  • Made of weather resistant material
  • High level of security for the transported fuel thanks to the durable structure


For more informations please contact us: sklep@datacenterworld.pl

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