Waterdos CIT 48 - Biocide with a broad spectrum of activity

  • Code: 2018CIT48
  • Manufacturer: WWT
  • Weight: 25 kg
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Broadband biocide that permanently removes biological life products from the installation

The products are recommended for cleaning industrial installations from pollution before it is put into operation in closed water-bearing systems with normal or special boundary requirements (eg server rooms, chilled water systems, cooling systems).

They ensure the removal of existing impurities from installations and pipelines such as:

Iron oxides - corrosion / rust
Oils, lubricants
Other organic pollutants
Developed biological life (sludges, locks, algae and others).
The preparations are also used for cleaning and refining water in other water-bearing systems.


Waterdos CIT 48 is a highly concentrated, highly effective biocide with a broad spectrum of activity against algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi, organic sludge layers and legionella formed in industrial water circuits (eg cooling towers, returned water and water process).

- high algae and bactericidal effectiveness
- quick reduction of the total number of bacteria (KBE)
- does not lose its activity due to substances contained in water and compatible with other WATERDOS water conditioners
- biologically degradable and low, tolerable toxicity
- without surfactants - does not foam

Technical data
Waterdos CIT 48 is a yellow clear liquid
Density: 1.08 ± 0.03 g / cm³ (20 ° C)
PH value: 3.9 ± 0.5
Freezing temperature: -10 ° C

Waterdos CIT 48 is dispensed periodically using an automatic dosing device. The dosing height and frequency depend on local conditions (system capacity, evaporation, biological load, etc.). It is generally between 75 and 150 g / m3 of system water at a frequency of one to three times a week. When removing biological sludge, dosing can be increased temporarily up to 400 g / m3 system volume. For continuous dosing, Waterdos CIT 48 is used in a dose of 20 to 40 g / m3 in proportion to the amount of make-up water. When used in closed or semi-open cooling systems with low water exchange and frequent dosing, a periodic water exchange should be carried out. All parts of dispensing equipment in contact with Waterdos CIT 48 should be made of acid-proof materials. The recommended materials are: PE, PP, PVC, alloy steel as well as EPDH - gaskets.

Storage and service
Store in closed containers in a cool room. Waterdos CIT 48 concentrate should not be mixed with other products. Delivery takes place in canisters and barrels, use only originally closed. When working with Waterdos CIT 48, follow the instructions on the labels and safety instructions given in the Safety Data Sheets and general health and safety regulations.

The above data correspond to our knowledge and experience. They do not, however, constitute a legal basis for a specific application and because of
the possibility of multiple effects, do not absolve the user from trials and precautions.

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