RowCool CW 29 kW HCH 1850

  • Code: 3544
  • Manufacturer: DELTA
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Delta's RowCool CW system provides excellent performance in the use of chilled water in high-temperature environments, thanks to the optimized heat exchanger design. With industry-leading cooling capabilities, RowCool CW increases the overall performance of a precision center cooling system
data. The cooling capacity of a single device can reach up to 260 kW. RowCool CW appliances provide the best cooling for high power data centers (hundreds of kW) thanks to optimization focused on high performance and density.

Modern data centers use a high density model, primarily based on blade servers, with the aim of increasing space utilization and enabling rapid expansion with new IT hardware. This Model requires a higher power density and entails more heat dissipation problems. Increased energy consumption for air conditioning can contribute up to 45% of the total expenditure of the data center for electricity. Heat dissipation and electricity cost are key indicators for measuring data center operational costs.

As the world's leading manufacturer of fans and power management specialists, Delta Electronics has implemented Delta InfraSuite Precision cooling systems, providing a practical, highly optimised and innovative Data center cooling methods. Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling devices use chilled water or a direct extension mechanism to remove the heat generated by the devices in the datacenter. Delta offers a RowCool device based on ice water or a direct expansion mechanism and a series of RoomCool devices based on direct extension mechanisms. These devices are ready to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Delta's offer fits perfectly into the requirements of a datacenter offering cloud, shared, telecommunications, precision manufacturing facilities, industrial, educational, etc.

A wide range of possibilities allows you to meet almost any expectations. Delta's comprehensive portfolio includes limiting the formation of cold and hot corridors, temperature control with chilled water, free cooling technology and much more. Flexible application of various configurations and their arrangement contributes significantly to saving energy and achieving PUE in data centers.


High efficiency

  • Optimised through the use of chilled water in a high temperature environment, the heat exchanger design increases the overall efficiency of the precise cooling system • Electronically switched fans allow you to customize the Speed to the current load in real time, contributes to the elimination of energy losses • Tightly coupled with heat generating IT infrastructure devices, adapt to load changes for direct and effective Heat removal

High Availability

  • Dual power input and can be used in any power reliability architecture • Thanks to the redundant design of the fan system, in the event of failure of one of them, the others assume its functions, increasing its speed • Redundancy of power modules 1 + 1 enhances reliability (available on select models) • Replaceable power and fan module • Intelligent Group control provides the ability to rotate, reverse, lack of competition and gentle • Comprehensive monitoring of operating parameters, such as chilled water flow and leak detection, allows full control of the operation of the device and the ability to take necessary corrective actions in real time

High flexibility

  • The possibility of wiring and piping of the bottom or top allows to meet the requirements of different datacenters • Wide range of communication interfaces meet the requirements for surveillance and communication of various data centres • Possibility of application High-performance Filters (MERV 8) or washable filters (MERV 1) depending on user requirements • Casters for easy movement and positioning during installation without the use of additional tools and equipment • Available models with Height of 1.4 meters (52U) (for individual height requirements, please contact your local Delta representative)


Technical Specifications


Input 1 Phase 220-240V, 50/60 Hz


Total Capacity (* 1) 30.8 kW


Explicit Performance (* 1) 30.2 kW

Total Capacity (* 2) 37.1 kW


Explicit Performance (* 2) 37.1 kW


Total Capacity (* 3) 28.8 kW


Explicit Performance (* 3) 28.8 kW









RS485 Port 1 PC, digital inputs

2-PCs, digital outputs

1 pc, SNMP port 1 pc


Width 300 mm


Depth 1090 mm


Height 2000 mm


185 kg


  1. Rated output for temperature 40.6 °c/21.6 °c WB/water inlet temperature 7 °c. * 2. Maximum capacity for temperature 48.9 °c/23.9 °c WB/water inlet temperature 7 °c. * 3. High temperature performance for temperatures of 40.6 °c/21.6 °c WB/input water temperature 12 °c/outlet water temperature 20 °c.


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