RackSEAL Floor Air Barrier 49-EDP-24

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RackSEAL Floor is the latest addition to EDP Europe’s RackSEAL Air Barrier solutions, designed to enable improvements to data centre cooling efficiency.

RackSEAL Floor provides a quick, easy and cost effective solution for sealing a variety of openings in data centre raised floors, as well as other areas.

RackSEAL Floor is supplied in 600mm x 600mm sheets that have 25mm x 25mm perforations, enabling RackSEAL Floor to be easily adjusted to the required size and to be installed around obstacles such us pipework or large cable bundles.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal solution for sealing large open areas in data centre raised floors.
  • Flexible solution provided by perforations enabling RackSEAL Floor to be resized for smaller openings and around obstacles.
  • Sealing cable openings can help enable improvements in data centre cooling efficiency.
  • 600mm x 600mm foam sheet with 25mm x 25mm perforations.


  • Part Number: 49-EDP-24.
  • Material: Plain expanded Polyurethane Polyester foam die cut sheets.
  • Rating: Open cell to UL94 HF1 flame retardancy.
  • Size: 600mm wide x 50mm thick x 600mm long with 25mm x 25mm perforations.
  • Colour: Grey.
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