DCW 1 linoleum cleaning liquid

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DCW 1 is a special cleaning fluid for removing polymeric and wax coatings made from linoleum and sensitive to caustic and calcium hydroxides (corrosive) and carbonates: sodium, potassium, ammonium, and ammonium (ammonia). This product is designed to clean the floor before re-applying the new polymer coating.

The product has a Certificate of Health Quality of the National Institute of Hygiene.

Quickly and securely removes old flooring from sensitive floors such as linoleum and marble
It is characterized by an unpleasant odor
Safe to use


Appearance: Transparent liquid
PH (concentrate): approx. 9.9
Density (20oC):> 1.03 g / cm3.


Minimum: 0.5 l per 5 l solution (10%)
Recommended: 1.25 l per 5 l solution (25%)

Dilute with cold water in a ratio of 1.25 liters of concentrate to 5 liters of working solution (25%) with standard dirt. In case of thick coatings, increase the dosage to 50%.
Spread the solution evenly on the floor. Leave for 10-20 minutes, DO NOT TO SLEEP.
Clean the floor by hand. Pick up the dirt with a wet vacuum cleaner. Use a mop to collect any residue. Wash the floor twice with clean water and leave to dry. Once dry, cover with the appropriate DCW 2 coating according to the recommended use.

NOTE: Do not re-pour the product into the package.

Storage conditions and precautions:
For complete information on storage conditions and precautions for use with DCW 1, see the Material Safety Data Sheet.

NOTE: This product is for professional use. The exact method of use of the preparation according to the methodology of treatment.

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