PlenaFill­ Blanking Panels

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PlenaFill® blanking panels are supplied in 27U sheets and can be cut to any required size, avoiding the need to store several sizes of traditional blanking panel. PlenaFill® blanking panels are a proven solution to eliminate hot spots and reduce overal cabinet temperatures. Air-intake temperature is known to be a significant factor in the reliability of IT equipment, with raised intake temperatures leading to equipment failure and expensive downtime. A major cause of raised air-intake temperatures is hot exhaust air recirculating through unsealed, open rack space. Using blanking panels helps eliminate this issue. However, standard blanking panels have a horizontal gap between them that still allows hot exhaust air to leak into the front of the rack. PlenaFill® blanking panels are fixed in a sheet and eliminate this gap. Also by preventing the recirculation of hot exhaust air you’ll reduce bypass airflow and save on energy costs.


Features of PlenaFill® Blanking Panels

  • Pack of 10 PlenaFill® blanking panels equals 270 1.75″ (44mm) rack mount “U’s”
  • Fits all 19″ EIA server racks
  • Sheets can be cut to fit any unused space, including less than 1U
  • Fire rated material: ULVO class 94
  • Quickly and easily fill large sections of un-occupied rack space, stopping bypass airflow
  • No more guessing at how many blanking panels are needed
  • Scalable, less storage space and less freight cost
  • Installs in seconds – no tools required
  • Fixings available for square hole, round hole and for 10/32 thread rails
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