Passive Network Switch Cooling Solution 2U PR3

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HotLok SwitchFix provides an effective cooling solution for network switches that are often placed in the top and back portion of a server rack. This placement makes it difficult for cold air from the cold aisle to travel from the front of the rack to the air intakes in the side or rear of the network switch. HotLok SwitchFix solves this problem by extending from the front of the rack in the cold aisle to the network switch mounted in the rear of the cabinet. This allows cold air from the cold aisle to reach the network switch for proper cooling.

HotLok SwitchFix’s passive airflow system channels air from the cold aisle to the air intakes of the switch so that it can pass through the network switch to properly cool it. This channelling also prevents bypass and recirculated airflow and stops hot exhaust air from equipment passing through the network switch. This passive switch cooling solution can improve switch performance and life expectancy.

HotLok SwitchFix comes in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of many switches currently used in today’s data centres and enterprise IT environments. Each unit adjusts in depth to ensure an optimal cold airflow through the installed network switch. SwitchFix can easily accommodate front, rear and side switch intakes and exhaust.

HotLok Switch Fix Model Range
HotLok SwitchFix is available in various models to enable support for the wide variety of network switches on the market today:

HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF001-PD1
HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF001-PR1
HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF001-PR2
HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF001-PR346-SF001-PR3 – 1U 254mm – 372mm (10”-14.63”) Black
Supports network switches with rear intakes. Unit adjusts from 254mm to 372mm (10”-14.63”). Channel rails adjust for depths from 711mm to 787mm (28”-31”).
HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF001-PR4
HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF001-PR5
HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF001-PS1
HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF002-PR1
HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF002-PR2
HotLok SwitchFix 46-SF002-PR3


  • Channels cold air to network switch.
  • Prevents hot air recirculation.
  • Maintains cold aisle / hot aisle segregation.
  • Adjustable for a variety of depths.
  • Passive airflow circulation.


  • Maintains switch reliability and improves longevity of the switch.
  • Augments and improves upon airflow management best practices.
  • The HotLok SwitchFix line supports over 200 switches in a passive application.
  • No additional power supply is required for the passive units.
  • Supports 1U and 2U switches, contact our sales team to determine the SwitchFix for your requirement.
  • EDP Europe
  • WASP
  • Raritan
  • DataCenterWorld
  • Wappex
  • 3M
  • Modular DC Solutions