Monolithic floor thickness 36mm

  • Code: 3390
  • Manufacturer: Wappex
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Non-recoverable floor based on sulphate-calcium plates
Technical parameters of the floor:

permissible point load - <5.0 kN
permissible surface load - <25kN / m2
safety factor -> 2
fire classification in terms of fire rating: non-flammable from the bottom and top
fire resistance - REI60
acoustics Δ L w = 18 dB

Materials included in the raised floor:

1. A floor panel with dimensions of 600 x 600 x 36mm

sulphate-calcium plate with a density> 1500kg / m3, dimensions 600x600x36mm
top and bottom of the board without application
edges joined with the "tongue and groove" method

2. Supporting structure:

freestanding steel brackets with smoothly adjustable height, made of re-profiled sheets, welded and galvanized, with a coating thickness> 8 μm

3. Support materials:

adhesive for gluing brackets
adhesive for securing threads against unscrewing
adhesive for joining the edge of the plates
sealing sponge
anti-dust liquid

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