Manual Server Lifter 85kg/ 35U

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EDP Europe’s range of manual server lifters and work positioners are available in powder coated mild steel or stainless steel. The “Easy Winch” system is used to raise and lower the load safely with the minimum of manual effort. These lifts are remarkably manoeuverable and extremely lightweight, all four wheels swivel and two are fitted with total stop brakes complete with toe guards. The laser cut design is not only very stylish but it is combined with high level stability and durability.

Models Available

Model Capacity Raised Ht. Lowered Ht. Platform Size
49-WPM-85 85Kg 1560mm (35U) 140mm 600 x 470mm
49-WPM-140 140Kg 1605mm (36U) 130mm 600 x 500mm
49-WPM-200 200Kg 1430mm (32U) 130mm 600 x 500mm

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