InfraSuite Device Master software

  • Code: 3539
  • Manufacturer: DELTA
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InfraSuite Device Master provides a rich set of features that simplify and automate critical device monitoring. It allows users to monitor the status of all devices, search for event logs or historical data, and helps users take appropriate action. Thanks to the cost-effective implementation, this software is scalable to suit your business development.

InfraSuite Device Master

Infrasuite device Master Software offers a rich set of features that simplify and automate
monitoring of critical devices. It allows you to control the status of all devices, view
the event log and history, and support users in performing appropriate actions. With the possibility
of economical deployment, the software is scalable and fits perfectly into the development of the enterprise.


Infrasuite Device Master Advantages


InfraSuite Device Master can be downloaded for free
to monitor 5 computers (default). It is
also possible to monitor various
environmental data especially relevant in data centers
such as power and cooling.

Real-time monitoring

The screens available in Infrasuite Device Master
allow you to access the latest information
about the most important devices in your
datacenters.InfrasuiteDevice Master allows you to
View information about all your devices in
location and simultaneous checking of the history and
events, even for multiple locations (also in different

Easy to install

The software can be downloaded from the
Delta's website. The speed of installation and deployment
of infrasuite Device Master facilitates
installation on both servers and workstations.

Migrating to Infrasuite Manager Software (DCIM)

For those looking for software that
not only monitors devices but also the complete
DCIM solution, infrasuite device Master is the
easiest way to migrate to software
InfrasuiteManager who is a full-fledged
Delta'S DCIM software.


Product Features

Room Plan

The Infrasuite Device Master software allows you
to create room plans. The user
can map the room with the
available objects.

Multi-protocol support

The Infrasuite Device Master software supports many
communication protocols such AS Modbus, SNMP
and OPC.


Notifications allow you to automatically send
personalized emails,
SMS or audio messages to users.

Manage users

Users can be assigned to groups based on their
permissions. The scope of actions
to be performed for each permission level
is defined by the administrator.
Actions may relate to the ability to view a plan
equipment Control and work

Incident Management

The Infrasuite Device Master software categorizes
events in 16 levels, thus helping
users to take appropriate action.
Additionally, events can be searched
time, type, level and device.InfrasuiteDevice
Master records information about the system, the operator,
events on the device in the internal database.
Users can later check The status of the
given event.

Data storage and archiving

The Infrasuite Device Master software saves
all historical events in the internal database
. Data from the database can be
used by users for analytical purposes
. Additionally
, the database can be archived automatically according to
your requirements.


System Requirements


InfraSuite Manager


InfraSuite Manager

(Interface for Windows)

InfraSuite Manager

(Browser interface)



Processor: > 2GHz

Processor: > 2GHz

Processor: > 2GHz

Memory: ≥ 4G

Free disk space:: ≥ 50 G

Memory: ≥ 4G

Memory: ≥ 4G




Supported Systems: Windows 7, 8, 10,

Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016

Supported Systems: Windows 7, 8, 10,

Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016

Recommended Browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer v11,

Google Chrome V30, Mozilla

Firefox v23 and Safari v5.









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