Genie Server Lifts GL4

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Genie server lifts have now been added to EDP Europe’s range of server lifters.  The Genie® GL server lift range consists of standard or counterweight models designed to make the movement and handling of IT equipment easier.

Standard Base Genie Server Lifts

The standard base Genie GL server lift has a compact design and low loading height that allows you to lift and manoeuvre in tight spaces.  Genie standard base server lifts are available in GL-4 and GL-8 models.

Counterweight Genie Server Lifts

The counterweight base Genie GL server lift has a short leg length than enables you to work closer to the carried load, and is available in GL-4, GL-8 and GL-10 models.

Genie GL Features & Benefits

  • Genie GL server lifts have a portable and compact design.
  • Lightweight, durable, telescoping aluminium construction.
  • Removing platform exposes durable steel forks that provides extra versatility for lift.
  • Standard base server lift has 20cm non-marking rear wheels and 5cm dual wheel fornt swivel castors.
  • Counterweight server lift has 12.7cm rear swivel castors with side brakes and 10cm fixed front wheels.
  • Loads are lifted and lowered using standard which.

Genie GL Server Lift Models

The Genie GL server lift is available in three models depending on the lift base type:


  • 1.30m Maximum lift height.
  • Up to 227Kg load capacity.
  • Available in standard or counterweight base options.


  • 2.50m Maximum lift height.
  • Up to 181Kg load capacity.
  • Available in standard or counterweight base options.


  • 3.01m Maximum lift height.
  • Up to 159Kg load capacity.
  • Only available with counterweight base.
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