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With Raritan’s new Dominion Serial Access Modules (DSAM), users can manage up to 8 serial devices connected to a Dominion KX III or LX II KVM-over-IP switch. The two and four port DSAM modules provide true, Java-free serial access to devices such as LAN switches, routers and Linux/Unix servers. DSAM’s are perfect for remote and branch offices where both KVM and serial access is needed.

  • Serial Access for the KX III and LX II - The DSAM modules provide up to eight ports of true serial access from a Dominion KX III or LX II switch. Connect one or two modules to the switch’s USB ports for Java-free serial access. Manage switches, routers, Linux/Unix servers and other serial devices together with KVM-over-IP access to servers, PC’s and workstations.
  • High Speed Serial Access - DSAMs provide high speed serial access, up to 230K baud. Automatic DTE/DCE detection means rollover cables are never required!
  • Low Total Cost - Unlike competing solutions, the DSAM provides independent serial access. Valuable KVM ports and IP sessions are not used for serial connections.
  • Easy to Deploy - The DSAM is a Zero-U device that does not require rack space. Powered by the KVM switch, external power adapters are not required. No rollover cables!


True Serial Access with Dominion Serial Access Modules (DSAM)



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