Delta track system

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  • Manufacturer: DELTA
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Realizing your vision "Smarter, Greener, Together" (Smarter, Ecologically, Together), and using your
a leader in the power electronics industry, Delta has developed a series of BR busbars dedicated to
applications in data centers. Unlike the standard power cord system and systems
layered buses, Delta used epoxy to significantly increase levels
IP protection, security and reliability. This solution is suitable for use in many different branches
industry and various climatic conditions. Excellent electrical and mechanical properties
epoxy resin allows to reduce the dimensions of BR series busbars and simplify their structure.
BR series busbars are also characterized by extended product life, which increases the possibility
re-use and allows for significant energy savings.

Customer benefits
The BR series busbars are:

● Core technology "Continuous Plug-In" (continuous connector) for easy expansion and power distribution, co
means unlimited configuration options for data centers
● Solution that meets the highest security requirements for data centers
● Compliance with a wide range of standards, depending on customer market requirements, such as IEC, CNS, or GB
● Space and weight saving, which helps to solve space shortage and data center load problems
● The composite materials used contribute significantly to the reduction of impact
electromagnetic (EMC), protect the equipment located in the data center and are completely safe for

Delta vs. busbars traditional cabling

Delta busbars stand out from the traditional cabling method in terms of safety and properties
electrical, reliability and scalability, which makes them the best choice for total optimization companies
cost of ownership (TCO)


    Track system

Standard cabling-based separation system


Elements extremely easy to: disconnect, replace,

reapplication; system change capability

in accordance with changing requirements

The need for re-wiring in the case

changes in requirements


and configuration

Quick installation and configuration

Necessity to wir the rooms, expensive and




the use of space

Only 30% compared to traditional

wiring - effective space saving

Power distribution via cables requires

use of a power distribution system (PDU) or

power distribution systems (RPPs) that they take

space in the server room (white space)


Easy identification and definition of functions at first


Messy wiring, complicated appearance

Fire resistance

High, IEC60331


IP protection class

Standard IP20 protection level for applications in

data centers. On request, the possibility of performing in

IP54 class

Not specified in general technical data

Chemical resistance

and corrosion




short-circuit strength




(+ 25%, 2 hours)


Low heat resistance (up to about 60 ºC) causes:

danger of overloading

accelerated aging of insulation materials and

shortening of service life

Insulation class

High resin insulation - Class F (155 ºC)



The use of busbars in the Data Center

The recent clear development of Big Data IoT (Internet of Things) areas is causing an increase in quantity
stored, processed and transmitted data. In addition to the data range, the density also increased gradually
power of a single rack cabinet. The effective use of space is therefore an important challenge
newly built data centers.

Delta BR busbars are designed for use in data centers. Thanks to insulation technology
epoxy resin, they have a compact structure and small size, as well as a low emission factor
electromagnetic (EMC), which helps to solve the problems of the available restriction
space in data centers. Data center designers can easily install busbars
near data transmission cables without worrying about their proper operation because the busbars
are characterized by low electromagnetic radiation.

In addition, it is possible to use different power consumption points depending on the needs and requirements
customer. The busbars can be flexibly adapted for use with various server rack power systems.
The power point has been made in the technology of continuous connector, it can be replaced without
interrupt power supply. Thanks to this, it is not limited in any way by the amount of space in the center
data. Customers can fully expand the power distribution system.


Product Advantages


● Wide range of available powers from 250 A to 1600 A
● Over-dimensioning of the N rail up to 200% is possible
● Highly integrated design due to the use of epoxy resin technology
● Depending on customer needs, the option of pole orientation or point connection
collection anywhere
● Many available rail module lengths; e.g. 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m
● Possibility to provide a module of any length at the customer's request
● Degree of protection up to IP54

Collection point

● Ease of expansion, plug and technology
play and the possibility of exchange during work
● No special use required
tools during installation
● Possibility of using one or many
modules in parallel
● Wide selection possible
individual configuration of tapping points
cooperating with current meters and
leading companies' fuses
● Optional monitoring module

Conductive material

● Choice of copper or aluminum as material
conductive as needed
● copper conductivity over 99.9%
● Copper wires fully tinned to ensure
optimal conductivity and contact reliability

An epoxy resin

● Use of highly insulating (class F 155 ºC) resin
epoxy increases safety and reliability
● Fire resistance, water resistance, insulation class,
chemical resistance and corrosion meeting standards
● High reliability even in difficult conditions
environmental (standard up to IP54)

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