Dedicated construction of cold and warm corridor

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Dedicated construction of cold and warm corridor offers a fully flexible, customizable system of dedicated corridors for use in new and upgraded Data Center projects. Solutions are system solutions, but are not dependent on rack manufacturers. The main construction of the building is made on the system of light profiles with modules 30x30 or 40x40 or 40x80. All components are connected using system screws. All structures are filled with solid polycarbonate from 4 to 8 mm or other materials on request. Buildings can be designed to fit any corridor configuration of different heights, widths, depths and foundations.

Our solutions offer:

Dedicated building of cold and warm corridor

All mounting components shall ensure adequate tightness within the enclosed zone,
Buildings include any server cabinets, cabinet air conditioners as well as cabinets dedicated by manufacturers of active equipment,
Roofs of the width matched to the width of the server cabinets, dedicated cabinets or row air conditioning cabinets with any brackets for mounting sensors, cameras and other components,
Possible roof development increased by any value relative to server cabinets,
The possibility of mounting the building to the ceiling or the ground without having to "lean" or mount the building to the existing rack cabinets,
On both sides of the building, the possibility to assemble any door of any width and height according to individual specifications,
Non-welded twisted-pair construction that can be mounted directly on the CPD.
Doors to the building system

Available in a variety of styles to suit individual requirements,
Opened on hinged or slidable, high-quality solutions to allow smooth opening and closing to the full width of the corridor,
Single or double doors of any size according to individual specifications,
They provide full clearance in the door allowing for maximum light on the passage,
Manual or manually operated doors with manual opening and automatic opening for fire alarms,
Doors do not have additional thresholds at the entrance to the corridor.
Filling panels

Panels can be used to fill the space between racquets created by, for example, modifications or assembly of undersized racks,
Filling panels are possible to build in any shape,
Available filling panels with the possibility of mounting by means of magnets,
The ability to install thermal curtains to build a dedicated solution.
Roof panel options

Available types of roof panels adapted to the type of fire extinguishing systems,
Panels can be permanently closed, opened by actuators or "falling" released by fire signals,
Panels use transparent solid polycarbonate to allow maximum illumination of the corridor,
Optional LED lighting integrated with the roof.

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