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  • Code: 23101-64
  • Manufacturer: EDP Europe
  • Weight: 30 kg
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The air flow management kit has been designed as an effective tool for sealing the air flow between
Rails of the rack cabinet and walls of the cabinet, as well as the exhaust air insulation at the back of the cabinet. The set complements the smoothing panels and completes the task of sealing the rack. The set consists of rigid PVC and a sealing membrane made of flexible PVC made in a matt black finish.

Features and benefits

● Two mounting profiles and three
width of the sealing membrane for "universal"
match "to any equipment cabinet.
● Configurable application - possibility of trimming
materials allow for fitting to the cabinet
configuration and consideration of the cable
Go through.
● Designed "clip" allows you to
quick and easy installation *.
● Flexible contour panels for the cabinet
production of an air seal between
hardware rail and cabinet side
● Parentheses are sealed and allow the cable to be used
go if necessary.

● Eliminates re-circulation inside the cabinet
and "hot spots" in the required equipment consumption
for re-circulation.
● Compliments and improvements
performance of blanking panels.
● The best supports the hardware cabinet
the practice of extracting exhaust air for
at the back of the cabinet.
● Improves the reliability of IT equipment and
extends the life of the equipment.
● Supports increasing cabinets and cabinets
● Increases existing cooling capacity.
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