Cleaning of water-bearing industrial installations


From today in the store you can purchase special preparations recommended for cleaning industrial installations before they are put into operation in closed water-bearing systems with normal or special boundary requirements (eg server rooms, cooling systems).

They ensure the removal of existing pollution from installations and pipelines such as:

Iron oxides - corrosion / rust
Oils, lubricants
Other organic pollutants
Developed biological life (sludges, locks, algae and others).
The preparations are also used for cleaning and refining water in other water-bearing systems.

Recommended products:

WATERDOS FED 12 - corrosion disperser,
PASSIVATOR NEU 04 - removes organic deposits, oil derivatives, sludges from a glycol-treated plant,
WATERDOS CIT 48 - a broadband biocide that permanently removes biological life products from installations,

WATERDOS FKN 28 - anti-freeze with corrosion inhibitors and hardness stabilizers, also for installations made of aluminum and copper, based on monoethylene glycol


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